Rules and regulations governing Killay Community Council, its activities, councillors and clerk

Rules governing all community councils; the council must:

  • appoint a chair of council;
  • appoint officers as appropriate for carrying out its functions;
  • appoint a responsible financial officer (RFO) to manage the council’s financial affairs; the RFO is often the clerk, especially in smaller councils;
  • appoint an independent and competent internal auditor;
  • keep records of all decisions related to council business (the minutes);
  • hold an Annual Meeting of the Council in May or shortly after the local council elections.

Standing orders
The rules for the Annual Meeting of the Council and all other meetings are contained in the council’s standing orders. These include rules of procedure laid down in law and additional regulations chosen by this council. Standing orders help the council to operate smoothly. Last updated in March 2023

Killay Community Council Policies:


Intro for equalities policy


Intro for safeguarding policy


Following the Environment (Wales) Act 2016, “A public authority must seek to maintain and enhance biodiversity……….”. We have therefore devised the following plan:

Welsh Language

Community councils are not subject to the Welsh language standards deriving from the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011, but ‘they are expected to uphold the main principle of the Measure and treat the Welsh language no less favourably than English’

Social Media

Intro to Social Media policy