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Council Structure

Killay Community Council is formed from the old city wards of Killay North and Killay South.

For city council purposes these were abolished in May 2022 and replaced by the combined Ward of DUNVANT AND KILLAY.

There are currently three City Councillors for this ward. Although they do not have any voting rights on the communit council (unless they jointly hold a Community Council position) they have great input into the community and are automatically invited to each coucil meeting.

There are 9 community councillors representing the old Killay North ward and 6 councillors representing Killay South.

Each ward has a youth representative.

Administration is provided by the Clerk to the council.

The City Councillors are Mary Jones, Jeff Jones, and Louise Gibbard (follow the links for their profile on the City and County of Swansea website)

Killay North

Current representatives of the ward are:

Sue John (FC,GC*)

Peta Walsh (GC*)

Bill John (SMM*)

Mary Idris (PC,SMM*)  

Rhiannon Barrar (RoW*)   [Plaid Cymru]

Dawn Morse (GC*)

Beth Rowe (RoW,SMM*)  [Liberal Democrats]

Tom Fitton (SMM*)

Tyrone Lewis ()

Youth representative Harry Coles 

Killay South

Current representatives of the ward are:

Nigel Fletcher (Chair,FC*) 

Jan Evans (GC*)

Joanne Fitton (PC,FC*) [Labour]

Jim Robinson (Vice Chair,FC,SMM*)  [Green Party]

Sarah Gee (RoW,PC*)

Linda Aubrey

Youth representative Maria Jefferies


The clerk to the council is Sue Bagley. Please see the contact us page for further information.

* FC=Finance Committee, PC=Planning Committee, GC=Gardening Committee, SMM=Social Media and Marketing, RoW=Rights of Way