Killay Community Council holds a full council meeting on the fourth Wednesday of every month except December.

Meetings are held in a multi location format. 

Members of the public are invited to attend via the zoom portal.

Please contact the clerk with your name and an email address, so the link can be forwarded to you.

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usually added as soon as they are available - approximately 1 week before each meeting.

Earlier agendas are available on request.

Short Minutes (Draft)

A short summary of the last meeting including attendees, apologies, register of interests and decisions taken by council

Numbers refer to original agenda items

3rd August 2022 (July meeting)

Present:- SB (Clerk) NF (Chair), JR, JE, SJ, PW, BJ, JF, RB

1. Apologies: ES, DM, BR, MI & City Councillors

2. Declarations of personal &/or prejudicial interest:


8. Payments approved:

£24.00 JR – Scout hall hire - coffee morning for Ukraine refugees

£14.39 JR - Zoom meeting

£58.96 SB – Toner cartridge

£18.96 JR – Multi-directional microphone for meetings

£29.80 SB – Clerks expenses

9b. Updated Standing orders accepted (to take accounts of changes outlined in the Local Government & Elections (Wales) Act 2021

9c. Environmental / Biodiversity plan – JF, JR, BJ, PW, RB to draft plan.

11. Events

11a. Children’s Fun Day planned at Scout hut for Tuesday 23rd August 12pm-3pm

11b. Guilty Pleasure to perform in Killay precinct on Saturday 27th August

11c. To consider open door coffee morning(s) to attract senior citizens to coincide with flu vaccinations in Killay surgery

11d. Decided not to proceed with children’s Halloween event due to falling attendance in the years preceding Covid lockdowns.

12. Agreed in principal to organise event for local refugees, in conjunction with Swansea City of Sanctuary

13. JF nominated as Governor to Dunvant Primary school

Full Minutes

usually added as soon as they have been approved at the following meeting