Killay Community Council holds a full council meeting on the fourth Wednesday of every month except December.

Meetings are held in a multi location format. 

Members of the public are invited to attend via the zoom portal.

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usually added as soon as they are available - approximately 1 week before each meeting.

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Short Minutes (Draft)

A short summary of the last meeting including attendees, apologies, register of interests and decisions taken by council

Numbers refer to original agenda items

26th October 2022


Present:- SB (Clerk) NF (Chair), JR, JE, SJ, PW, BJ, JF, MI, RB, DM & BR City Cllrs L Gibbard & J Jones


1. Apologies: ES, City Cllr M Jones


2. Declarations of personal &/or prejudicial interest:



4a. Matters arising from September meeting

Agreed to hold defibrillator training in Siloam hall. Provisional date Wednesday 9th November.


8. Payments approved:

£14.39 JR - Zoom meeting

£29.00 SB – Clerks expenses

£299.00 – HMRC


9. Requests for donations.

£200   Bethany Middleton, Cila Ranger trip to International Jamboree in South Korea

£250   Dunvant Primary school – contribution towards playground canopies.



  a) Agreed not to repeat the coffee morning that coincided with vaccinations at Killay Surgery

  b) Confirmed arrangements for Christmas activities

  c) Accepted quotation from Phillips Electricals of £4,678 for Christmas lights

  d) Agreed to hold Carol service in Siloam chapel on Sunday 11th December


12. Agreed to adopt the Training Plan to comply with Welsh Government legislation

Full Minutes

usually added as soon as they have been approved at the following meeting