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Short Minutes (Draft)

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24th August 2023

Present:- SB (Clerk) NF (Chair), JR, PW, JE, BJ, DM, SJ, JF, SG, TF, MI, BR, TL, LA, RB, HC, MJ & City Cllr L Gibbard


Prior to the meeting Tyrone Lewis was co-opted as Community Councillor


1. Apologies: City Cllrs J & M Jones


2. Declarations of Personal & Prejudicial Interest – None


3. Accepted minutes of meeting dated 26thJuly 2023

Matters arising – None


6a. Local Democracy & Boundaries Commission will meet Town & Community Council representatives on 25th September. The agenda item is Town & Community Council review and Council size policy.


6b. MJ reported that the National Coal Authority are continuing to progress with works to investigate and repair the sinkhole on Dunvant Road. These works are expected to last for up to 18 months.


LG Community Speedwatch has been suspended until the new national statutory 20mph zones have been implemented.

City Council Chief Executive due to visit every Council ward. Date to be confirmed.


6f. PRoW committee to progress discussions with Bishopston Community Council representative on initiatives to promote the local PRoW.


7. Planning, KCC to submit a response to City Council Planning department on the proposed footpath linking the new St Modwen development with Dunvant Road.



8. Payments Approved

Clerk’s expenses £29.00

Toner cartridge £66.40

Band Night £350.00

Fun Day expenses: -

Scout & Guide HQ hire £75.00

Mugs donated to Scout hut £32.40

Food for Fun Day £148.85

Bouncy Castle Hire £185.00

Less refreshment income -£41.40

Net cost of Fun Day was £399.85 (Budget £400.00)


9. Events

a) Fun Day – Tuesday 15thAugust – Attendance was unprecedented with an estimated 90 children in attendance.

b) Band night – Saturday 26thAugust – Booked. KCC to be responsible for litter picking and cleanliness of the precinct.

c) Dunvant Park – Friday Fun Days –1st CC LG requested volunteers from KCC to help.

d) KCC 40thanniversary event – Agreed to promote this milestone at Band Night, Pop Up publicity event and via the website.


10. The working group to explore all aspects of Equality and Inclusivity are due to meet week commencing 28thAugust


13d. conduct a poll to gauge interest for attending a Father Christmas grotto


13c. Seed Swop to be added to the next agenda


Full Minutes

usually added as soon as they have been approved at the following meeting