Santa's Parade 2021

Monday 29th November

This year Santa will be starting his travels at 5.30pm from St Hillary's Church and leaving Killay at approximately 7.30pm. The proposed route is shown on the map below below.

Please listen and look out for him on his magical journey around Killay.

These are the times we expect him to visit each road. Reindeer are unpredictable creatures and so the times are approximate.        Download a printable PDF of this information here.

Time  location

5:30 St Hilary's Church

5:32 Goetre Fawr

5:36 Broadmead

5:37 Ash Grove

5:44 Broadmead

5:49 Ridgeway

5:52 Woodcote

6:03 Ridgeway

6:08 Goetre Fawr

6:10 Goetre Fach

6:13 Wimmerfield Ave

6:14 Wimmerfield Cres

6:22 Wimmerfield Ave

6:24 Dylan Road

6:27 Landor Ave

6:31 Wimmerfield Drive

6:34 Ffordd Taliesin

6:40 Coleridge Cres

6:46 Lamb Lane

6:48 Ffordd Dryden

6:51 Hendrefoilan Rd

6:52 Twyni Teg

6:56 Bron-y-Bryn

6:59 Hendrefoilan Rd

7:00 Dunvant Road

7:02 Goetre Fach

7:09 Gower Road

7:26 Leave Killay

Please also see our facebook page for any unavoidable last minute changes

We regret to inform you that there will, again, be NO Santa's Grotto in the precinct this year.